Monday, 3 June 2013

Quiz about Dravet Syndrome. Prizes to be won!

This is a chance for you all to see just how much you know about Dravet Syndrome and other epilepsies. We decided to run a little quiz to see how you did. It's not too difficult but hopefully you will learn something in the process about Dravet Syndrome, which is one of our aims. So please have a go and see how you do!

Enter here

There will of course be an added incentive in the form of prizes for the top three performers. The prizes are as follows:

1st Prize: A Dravet t-shirt and bracelet

Modeled very beautifully by us I might add

2nd Prize: A watch

A nice gold and silver watch: not real gold or silver though!

3rd Prize: A pair of earrings

A nice pair of purple butterfly earrings

The prizes will be sent out to the three people with the highest scores. In the event of a tie we shall do a random draw to see who the winner is. The quiz will be open until midnight 1st July (London time GMT) and the winners will then be announced by midday 1st July. So enter here to see how you do.

Good luck!

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