Saturday, 29 June 2013

50 miles of bliss

50 miles. My first ever 50 miles. Baby's first ever 50 miles.

As you must know by now, a week ago I got my Baby, a goregeous, petite, silver Dawes Horizon Plus.

Baby's first contact with the pavement.
So, on the following day, we decided to go test Baby out, on a 50 miles route. I must admit, I was excited to go out on my new bike, but also terrified as that would have been the longest cycle ride I've ever done. The longest one before was 38 miles and it required frozen cauliflower on my legs to keep the pain away.

However, I manned up, and went for it. And boy, I am glad I did. It was 50 miles of bliss. Baby is a pleasure to ride and much more easy to handle than my previous bike. It does not feel like cycling, it feels like the wheels are not touching the ground, that effortless it seems to be. While for me it was effortless, Ben, on his old mountain bike, was struggling to keep up with me. And that is saying something, because Ben is extremely fit!

Anyway, enough of me praising Baby. The route we took was extremely nice, pretty and very very cycling friendly. For most of the way we were on country lanes with very little traffic, and pretty views, but I'll let the pictures speak for that.

One last thing I want to add before I let you indulge the pictures is that, although I expected to be unable to walk or sit the next day, to my surprise I was perfectly fine. My legs and bottom were not sore at all, and the only thing I could think about was when to take Baby out again! So all in all, the 50 mile milestone proved to be a very pleasant experience (apart from the last 5 miles, when the wind was blowing against us, HARD)!

This weekend, we're trying to reach the 60 mile barrier, so wish us luck! And, as Ben's just on his way to pick up his new bike (a Dawes Galaxy), I have a feeling that I'll be the one struggling to keep up with him!

Hanningfield Reservoir
We had to climb with our bikes over that fence!
I made some new Beee-st friends.
The beautiful empty road ahead of us.
River Crouch near Canewdon
Resting by the river.
Back home. Tired but happy (at least one of us!)

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