Sunday, 16 June 2013

Picnic in the Park

We are sorry we haven't posted for a while but we have both been very busy with work and organising a couple of events and a funeral, but we now have a little bit of free time to to let you know what we have been up to.

A couple of weeks ago now we travelled to Romania to visit Carmen's family and friends who she hadn't seen for about 5 months.Whilst we were in Romania, we, with a lot of help from Dravet Romania, organised a picnic in the park to try and attract attention to our cause and promote our cycle ride.

The day of the picnic was a lovely, hot day and we went down to the park with all our t-shirts on, lots of cakes and other food, leaflets and a big banner promoting Dravet Romania. At the time of the picnic there was lots of other things going on in the park, due to it being International Childrens Day. There was a stage set up and lots of games and activities for kids. Unfortunately this impacted a bit on our promotion as most people were more interested in the kids games (which is hardly surprising for kids really). However we did have a fairly decent turn out of supporters for Dravet and we all enjoyed some nice food and a few games. We even managed to get a volunteer who was interested in helping do a similar challenge to ours for Dravet, but in Romania instead.

However the challenge in Romania will be slightly different. Instead of them cycling a full 600miles (900km), they instead will cycle as many miles as they can over a period of time (it doesn't even have to be consecutive days) and everyones mileage combined will be added up until they reach the equivalent that we are doing in England. So if anyone from Romania or from England or anywhere really wants to contribute towards their own title in the name of Dravet, please let us know and we can see what we can arrange. Enjoy the pictures from the picnic!

A small selection of the people at our picnic

Me and Carmen playing with her niece, Lara

Carmen's nieces and their Mum playing Chess with a friend

Carmen's brother showing his support

Carmen's niece, Sanziana showing us how it's done

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