The route

Our little cycle will start in the easternmost point of England, Ness Point in Lowestoft. We shall head southwest through the cities of Ipswich, Colchester and Chelmsford before traversing London, going over the River Thames via Tower Bridge. We shall then head south out of London towards Eastbourne on the southern coast. Once we reach Eastbourne we shall then cycle through the South Downs National Park, going through Winchester and then heading straight for Salisbury, where we shall visit Stonehenge. After seeing Stonehenge we shall again cycle south through New Forest National Park till we reach the coast and then cycle along it through Bournemouth, Weymouth and Exeter. Once reaching Exeter we shall then go through Dartmoor National Park to Plymouth and then straight on to Dr. Syntax's Head at Lands End, Cornwall, the westernmost point on England. The final distance will be about 600 miles(966km).

We are not so much interested in speed and doing it as quickly as possible, but we’d rather have a more leisurely trip, enjoy the views and the ride. The plan is to depart on the 17th August and we estimate it will take 8-10 days, depending on whether we encounter any technical problems or adverse weather conditions.

As for logistics, we’ll be carrying our entire luggage on the bikes, including the camping equipment. We plan to camp along the way if possible (if we find a camping site/if the weather is not too vile). We might go to a cheap bed and breakfast on some nights, for a decent shower and a more comfortable bed. We want to add and emphasise that we are funding the entire trip ourselves, from buying the bikes and all the necessary equipment, to food and accommodation. All the money that will be donated will go to Dravet Romania and not towards covering any of our costs!

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