Monday, 6 May 2013

Donations received so far

Because of difficulties with setting up the donating page, for a long time we were unable to receive online donations. However, in that time we have not been idle! We spread the word about our cycle ride and we even received some offline donations and some freebies!

This could not have been done without S's support (S is from ARU; we're using capitals as we do not want to give people's names if they don't want their names splattered all over the internet!). So thank you S and also thank all our very generous donors.

The first freebie we received was a bike! A what?! you ask. Yes, you heard me right; a fully functional bike. It's previous owner got a new bike and was looking for a new owner, who happened to be me. And a very proud owner I am as well. The picture below shows my proudesness and my newbie freebie bikie.

Secondly, Sustrans (go to their website by clicking on their name! they have an awfully cool website) have generously offered us all the freebies seen in the picture below, including cool waterproof (we have been assured they really are waterproof!) bike seats covers, shiny reflecting bits so we can be seen in the dark, tshirts, pens, pencils, pencil sharpeners etc.

Also, they have been very helpful and provided us with spare bike bits, such as brake pads, brake wires and a puncture repair kit! Even more, they have been very patient and answered all my questions about how to do this and that, and how do you repair this and that. And boy, did I have a lot of questions! They probably went home with a big head, thinking "Dear Lord, thank God we got away from her!!"

They have been extremely nice and helpful so I'd like to thank them a lot lot!

Thank you so much everyone who contributed so far! You've all been great :)


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