Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Day Four

On day 4 we travelled a further 54 miles, from Crawley to Petersfield, a nice small town in the middle of the South Downs National Park.
Yesterday has been by far the most pleasurable day in terms of cycling. We started off earlier than the previous days, so we had more time for breaks and to get to our destination without being pressed by nightfall.

Most of the roads we went on were really remote and surrounded on all sides by fields and woods. We even encountered several ponds and lakes.

Lovely  road to cycle on!

The only downside to South Downs (pun intended), was that it was extremely, and I mean extremely hilly. So hilly indeed that I think the name South Downs is misleading and it should be changed into South More Ups than Downs - much closer to the truth.

Whilst cycling through the South Downs we came across a lovely little village called Midhurst. It is a tiny place. Just on the outskirts of the village we found a really posh farm shop, Cowdray Farm Shop (highly recommended). Here they produced lots of fresh farm food ranging from meat to bread and cookies, but also fruit and veg and even coffee and tea! So we decided to treat ourselves to something from the shop, but not too much as it was very expensive. We bought a small loaf of bread to keep ourselves stocked up and a delicious bag of shortbread dipped in chocolate, modelled by Ben below, that tasted just as good as expected.

The Shortbread that has made Ben very happy!

After visiting the farm shop we left for the final 14miles of our days journey to a campsite just on the outside of Petersfield. When arriving there we started to set up our tent for the night. Once completed we had an Indian delivered to our tent as all campers do!

The post Indian look.

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