Saturday, 13 April 2013

First Official Cycling Session

Today was the day of our first official cycling session (make that yesterday now). We even put it on Facebook, so it must be official! As you can see below, we were both raring to go in our Dravet tops and wearing our padded cycling shorts, which I can safely say are not nearly as effective as we would have liked. Hence some very sore bottoms afterwards! (Carmen wouldn't let me put asses)
Do you like Carmen's adult nappy?

As the weather was horrible and depressing outside, we decided to head to the gym for our session today. The goal was to see how far we could cycle in an hour at about 70-100 rpm (revolutions per minute). This was to give us an idea of how much mileage we could probably do over a day of cycling. So we hopped onto the bikes and began pedalling, which we have even provided proof of.

We did get a few dodgy looks though when Carmen started flashing (the camera that is). As if no one had seen a camera before. The cycle itself was not as bad as we were expecting, although, as I said earlier, certain parts of your anatomy were a little worse for wear afterwards. We both thought we did pretty well, myself clocking up 18 miles and Carmen doing 12. However, it is unlikely we will be able to sustain that pace for a whole day, let alone a week. Especially as some of us were slightly more tired than others! (I had trouble keeping up with Carmen, as you can see)
I did check for a pulse to make sure she wasn't dead

 After I had woken Carmen up from her exercise induced coma we went home to have a well deserved dinner. To follow the trend that everyone seems to be doing online at the moment we included a picture of our delicious homemade meal (recipe available on request).

Got to love salmon!
Today, we plan to do another hard day of training, thats if our bodies will allow us to get out of bed in the morning.

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